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5 Boiler Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Boiler Repair in Lansing, MI

Does your home use a central heating boiler to maintain a comfortable temperature in the winter? If so, you’ll want to keep reading to learn how just a few maintenance tips can extend the life of your boiler system by several years. If you ever have any questions about your home’s heating system, we recommend calling a boiler repair company near you. Keep in mind that the advice in this blog post is not meant to replace having your boiler serviced annually.

Clear Air Vents and Flues

Have your energy bills spiked recently? You might be dealing with an inefficient boiler. A common reason why gas central heating boilers lose energy efficiency is because it’s been awhile since anyone made sure the air vents and flues were cleared. Over time, dirt can accumulate and block the passage of air needed for your boiler. When your boiler is forced to work harder to produce the same amount of heat, your energy bills go up.

Check Water Level in Boiler

You should check the water level in your boiler every two weeks (when the pilot light is on). Most boilers will have a safety feature that monitors the water level and automatically adds more water when it’s getting low.

Without sufficient water, your boiler could start a fire. Thankfully, the safety feature automatically fills the boiler with more water when it’s getting low and will immediately shut off if the water is beneath a certain level. It’s normal for your boiler system to lose a little bit of water when it’s running. Checking the water level in your boiler gives you peace of mind so you know that the safety features are working properly.

Check for Boiler Leaks

Boiler leaks can lead to expensive repairs, which is why it’s important to check your boiler if you suspect something’s wrong. To find leaks in a steam boiler, turn your thermostat to a high temperature. This will turn on your boiler so you’ll be able to spot the leak.

Check the floor around the boiler, the boiler’s main vent, and any exposed pipe joints. Next, check the radiators in each room for leaks. Once you find the leak, call an experienced heating and cooling technician to make the necessary boiler repairs.

Flush Boiler Twice a Year

If you have hard water issues in your area, you’ll want to flush your boiler twice a year. If you don’t know how to flush a heating boiler, we recommend calling a boiler maintenance company near you. Over time, the minerals found in hard water build up in your boiler to create scale. Scale in heating boilers has been known to decrease energy efficiency and damage inner components.

Schedule Annual Service Visit for Boiler

While there are many things you can do to prolong the life of your boiler, some things you just have to leave to the professionals. A licensed boiler repair contractor will be able to conduct an in-depth boiler inspection to ensure its safety and energy efficiency. If your gas or oil boiler passes inspection, you may be given a special safety certificate.

The boiler repair technicians at Block Sloane Heating & Cooling work efficiently and effectively so you won’t be inconvenienced by a broken boiler. If you are interested in our boiler maintenance services or our boiler installation services, give our Lansing heating system contractors a call at (517) 485-9437.