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How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents

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Does your air conditioning unit need cleaning, but you're unsure on how to?

The HVAC contractors at Block Sloane Heating and Cooling offer air conditioning unit services to help put your mind at ease knowing that your unit is operating the way you expect it to be.

However, if you are considering changing out the air conditioning vents on your own, our heating and cooling technicians have provided a quick reference guide to completing the task yourself.

The following steps should be taken when cleaning your air conditioning vents:

  • Step 1 — Shut off the air conditioning unit
  • Step 2 — Run the crevice tool of your vacuum over the floor and basement vents located throughout your home. With ceiling A/C vents, place an old sheet on the floor below you and attach an extension pole to your crevice tool to reach the above spots. You may want to also consider wearing a hat to keep particles out of your hair and eyes.
  • Step 3 — Remove each vent cover with a screwdriver and wash the covers outside with a hose or with a small sponge brush in the sink or tub. Try to use hot water and soap if you can, but do not expose the vent to hot water too long to avoid taking off paint. This step may also require a stepladder for the ceiling vents.
  • Step 4 — Clean inside the vents and air ducts as far as you are able to reach using a crevice tool or home duster.  Your local department store will have duster tools with stiff bristles and rounded heads that will fit inside duct systems.
  • Step 5 — Once the vents are dry, replace the covers and screw them back in tightly with your screwdriver.

The entire process should take between 15-20 minutes per a/c unit and should be done twice each year to ensure that the vent does not have any allergens in it that could be contaminating the air throughout the different rooms in your home. This is especially a must if there are individuals in the home that suffer from allergies.
Also, the addition of excessive dust and particles will make your heating and cooling systems work harder, costing you more money on your utility bills. Cleaning your home’s HVAC system regularly will help make it last much longer without the dust particles wearing out the HVAC system’s components.

Homes may differ in the type or design of their HVAC system, but the general steps to cleaning these systems are all the same. If your home could benefit from any of our air conditioning unit installation and repair services, please contact our Lansing HVAC contractors at (517) 485-9437. At Block Sloane Heating & Cooling, our HVAC technicians want to make sure you air conditioning unit is running efficiently and effectively.