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Lansing Heating & Cooling

Our residential HVAC contractors in Lansing, Michigan want to make sure your home stays at a comfortable temperature year-round. Whether you need your furnace repaired in the middle of winter or are thinking of installing luxurious heated floors in your bathroom, you can trust our years of experience. We offer a range of residential HVAC services for your home.

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Residential HVAC Services

Residential Boilers

A residential boiler heats your home by heating water or producing steam. The last thing you want is for your hot water boilerto stop working in the middle of winter, which is why our Lansing HVAC contractors offer a range of preventive services. The average boiler lasts between 10 and 15 years with proper maintenance.

Gas/Oil Furnaces

We understand that you depend on your furnace to heat your home, which is why we provide maintenance and repair services. Our HVAC contractors are able to service both gas furnaces and oil furnaces so you never have to be without heat for long.

Water Heaters

Like the name suggests, a water heater is responsible for supplying the hot water needed for bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes, and other daily household activities. If you suddenly have no hot water, don’t hesitate to call our HVAC contractors in Lansing, MI for water heater repair.

Radiant In-Floor Heat

Tired of walking across cold floors? Nothing is more luxurious that heated floors in your home. Many homeowners decide to install heated bathroom floors. Our residential HVAC contractors are able to install radiant floor heating in your home so your feet never have to be cold again.


We’re able to install a wide range of heating and cooling systems in your home, from residential boilers to water heaters. You can trust our HVAC contractors to be professional and courteous when working in your home.


Maintenance helps extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. During a routine service visit, we’ll inspect your system and make any necessary repairs to keep it running efficiently. HVAC maintenance can help you save money in the long run by helping you catch issues when they’re small.