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At Block Sloane Heating & Cooling, we know gas/oil hot water and steam boilers and will help you out when you need us.

Gas/Oil Furnaces

While we believe that it is best to get the most out of your investment, old outdated furnaces can cost you money in the long-term.

Water Heaters

At Block Sloane Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to helping customers resume their daily lives with the hot water they need.

Installation & Repair

Our team of licensed professionals brings more than 20 years of experience to your next furnace, boiler, or water heater installation.

Williamston Heating and Cooling System Technicians

Williamston Heating And Cooling

At Block Sloane Heating & Cooling, our Williamston HVAC system specialists are committed to providing all our clients with superior service and quality products and we are dedicated to helping customers maintain a comfortable home.

We offer several convenient heating and cooling services that include:

Since opening our doors 60 years ago, Block Sloane Heating & Cooling has established a reputation as one of the most trusting heating and cooling system companies proudly serving Williamston, Michigan. By operating our own metal fabrication shop, Block Sloane has distanced themselves from competitors in the HVAC Industry.

If you feel like your home could benefit from one of our Williamston heating and cooling services, please contact one of our HVAC experts at (517) 485-9437. At Block Sloane Heating & Cooling, we are always to offer or quality Williamston HVAC services to our Mid-Michigan clients.